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November 29:
After a couple weeks being released I have 11 downloads. After checking the database I see a the game was played 557 times and 1 person submitted a suggestion: ‘Kissed a cow’.

November 13:
Status changed from In Review at 8:04, then changed to Ready for Sale at 17:46. Which means now my app is available on the app store! Also I just realized I named the app ‘Michael Ozeryansky’, and I have to submit an update to change the name.

Nov 11:
Originally I sent the app for review on October 15 1:02am, but it was rejected by 8:52am that same day. The report they sent back said a button in the app did not respond, which was against the violation of having bugs. I thought it was a problem with Magical Records block save method, so I updated that and submitted again at 11:17pm. The next day at 2:45pm, the app was rejected for the exact same reason. I tested the app by simulating a fresh installation, but I could not reproduce their bug. I replied to the rejection notice asking for more information, and a screamingly  automated reply said the bug was happening on the iPad, but I could not reproduce a bug their either. When the app starts a UIView is created to cover everything with a half transparent black cover, then show the tutorial on that. So I changed the app so the tutorial had its own UIViewController and view, which was presented after viewDidAppear. I have resubmitted the app Nov 6 7:27pm. I will update this post as things move along.

Sep 30:
I plan on releasing a Never Have I ever app by Oct 30th.

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