Setting up my new website

I made this website to keep track of the things I had to struggle with when programming. All the time I have problems that sometimes I can’t even find a solution for on Google. So this website is me kinda giving back to the world, for when I do solve my problem.

Well, setting up this site is not so point and click and everyone says. I’ll go from the beginning, since I just bought this domain name. Here’s my format:
What I want to do.
How I did it.

Register my domain name.
I use GoDaddy. I’m not supporting them, I just use them. So login to GoDaddy. Discover the domain names price went up, of course, to $12.99. Which is a special deal since it’s usually $14.99. Then go to google and search godaddy, click on their ad to buy a domain for $0.99 and note somewhere to not promote GoDaddy. I’m a repeat customer, it’s a curse.

Tell GoDaddy to use my hosting providers name servers.
This really depends on your host. It’s usually Mine are:

Install wordpress.
I have cPanel so I decided to do a 1-click install for wordpress: click install wordpress, done.

Change my theme.
Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes -> Twenty Twelve (Super old style).
I’ll probably change this later.

Make my permalinks (what the url looks like) not the default: ?p=123.
Dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks -> Month and Name -> Save Changes
I prefer ‘Month and Name’ since I don’t plan on posting too many times, and for pages you can change the full name of the url.

Add a subdirectory to my root folder so I can have no wordpress content, like my hosted sites for my protfolio.
Edit the .htaccess file in your websites root directory, which will usually be the same folder that wordpress is installed is.
After ‘Rewrite Base’ add this line:
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/name.of.custom.folder/
Save .htaccess and test. I’m assuming you already made the folder named ‘name.of.custom.folder’ or something.

That’s it, now I’m adding my work to my portfolio.