Java 7.51 – Applets must be signed

With the new Java update 7.51 all applets must follow new guidelines:

  1. All code for Applets and Web Start applications must be signed
  2. Permissions attribute in the manifest must be set, no default

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What this means is any applet that currently exists that is not signed, has an expired certificate, or doesn’t have the permissions attribute will no longer work. As a side job I make sure works, and it was affected by this so here’s how to fix it.

Quick Answer:

  1. Buy a code signing certificate
  2. Resign your applet
  3. Done

Here’s how:

  1. Create a txt file for the manifest additions. Here are the contents:
    Permissions: all-permissions
    Application-Name: MyAppletName
  2. Extract you jar:
    > mkdir jarname
    > mv jarname.jar jarname
    > cd jarname
    > jar xf jarname.jar
  3. Remove the META from the extract
    > rm -r META-INF/
  4. Rejar the applet and include the required manifest additions
    > jar cfm jarname.jar ../manifestAdditions *
  5. Sign the jar. Here’s my posts to do the signing:
    > Create a Java keystore from a p12 file
    > Finding an imported certificate’s alias in a java keystore
    > How to sign a jar


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